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This series is based on natural oils and extracts, using the latest technology.


How to use it: keep a bubble bomb in the warm water till completely melted. Take a bath at the water temperature of 37-38° for 10 minutes. For external use only.

INCI: Sodium bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Primus amygdalus oil, Tilia Leaf flower, Rosmarinus essential oil, Lavandula essential oil, Aqua, Centaurea extract, Perfume.

Active ingredients

  • Organic rosemary oil

    Organic rosemary oil

    The Organic rosemary oil is an antiseptic and stimulates the metabolic processes in cells.

  • Cornflower extract

    Cornflower extract

    The Cornflower extract ia an active moistener, takes care of sensitive skin. Improves turgor of the skin, soothes, relieves irritation.

  • Linden blossom

    Linden blossom

    Lime Blossom soothes and moisturizes the skin of any type, even irritated and sensitive. It normalizes the intracellular metabolism, has anti-inflammatory action.

  • Lavender oil

    Lavender oil

    Obtained from lavender flowers by steam distillation. The lavender oil saturates the skin and hair with useful substances. Lavender contains more than 300 organic compounds.

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