• Organic Passion Flower Extract

    Organic Passion Flower Extract

    The Passiflora extract effectively moisturizes and refreshes the skin.


  • Organic green tea extract

    Organic green tea extract

    The organic green tea extract is prepared from tea plant leaves grown under natural conditions without chemical treatment.


  • Organic tumeric extract

    Organic tumeric extract

    Tumeric is not only delicate spice but also rich complex of curative qualities. In the medical field it is used at struggle with diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Besides, tumeric strongly fortifies the immune system.


  • Caffeine


    Caffeine is a chemical agent, related to alkaloids. It is contained in some plants, including coffee tree seeds. The other names of caffeine are matein and guaranin due to the names of mate and guarana which are rich in caffeine too.


  • Organic mimosa extract

    Organic mimosa extract

    Nature endued mimosa with rich complex of useful properties. Extract of mimosa, full of    tannins, fatty acids and phytosterols, has been serving to cosmetologists for a long time.


  • Organic mountain violet extract

    Organic mountain violet extract

    The most beneficial properties of that fascinating plant are contained in its flowers.The extract of violet protects skin from harmful environmental effects, takes of the feeling of tiredness and stress.


  • Sea salt

    Sea salt

    Sea salt contains a lot of minerals, widely used as a cosmetic and therapeutic agent.


  • Organic olive oil

    Organic olive oil

    Rich in antioxidants, protects the skin from premature aging and makes it smooth.


  • Organic almond oil

    Organic almond oil

    Promotes deep hydration and softens the skin, eliminates dryness and peeling, refreshes and tones the skin.