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Skin beauty and youth

The organic extract of green tea leaves is prepared from tea plant grown under natural conditions without chemical treatment.
Aspiration for beauty is a physical necessity, very much like breathing. Everyone has a starting genetic potential: appearance, constitution, predisposition to illnesses etc. However, nature is generous and wise: everyone has a possibility to slow down their biological clock. How can this be achieved? Let us have a look at the following 7 simple rules.

1. A rational sleep-wake cycle. It is common knowledge that sleep is important for the immunity and for maintaining the good functioning of body organs. Sleep is no less important for the beauty. Skin, human body’s largest organ, needs special nutrients. Use rich creams and body butters after your evening shower or taking a bath. This will maximize the effect of cosmetic products.

2. A healthy diet. However commonplace it may sound, the truth “We are what we it” keeps being relevant. Apart from maintaining the balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, we should keep in mind the fluid-and-electrolyte balance. Accordingly, you should drink enough liquid (pure water in the first place). This rule is among the main conditions ensuring good state of skin and improving its turgor, but it’s not the only one though. Don’t forget that skin should be moistened, and the older we grow, the more our skin needs it. Pay attention to products containing hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, olive oil etc., and carefully read the ingredients of the products that you use for taking a shower or a bath. It is preferable to use skin cleaning products based on soft washing ingredients, for example those containing betaine (which is obtained from sugar beet).

3. Cleaning. This is not only about hygiene. There is an important rule for preserving and prolonging the youth of your skin: use beauty products of different consistency (gels, shower butters etc.) as well as soap-, sugar- and salt-based exfoliating scrubs. Alternating products will produce synergic effect and will help regenerate skin cells through renewal and rejuvenation.

4. Don’t be lazy. Even if you are not a fan of sport and physical exercise, do your best to be moving for at least 30 or 40 minutes a day. This will ensure good blood circulation and good mood. Furthermore, this will improve your skin plasticity.

5. Act comprehensively. Choose among various methods to solve your cosmetic problem. Select products, consult specialists, try to find a solution to every aspect of the problem you are facing. For example, for taking care of oily and mixed skin types, keep in mind that you should not only perform several-step cleaning, but also use moisturizers regularly.

6. Massage. Even if you don’t have the possibility to undergo a course of massage on regular basis, you are perfectly capable of using products that improve lymphatic drainage. For example, an exfoliating scrub with heating effect. MIND THAT: if you have some blood vessel or vein disorders, consult a specialist.

7. Your own beauty traditions. Homeostasis is an important process; it is the tendency of a living body to remain constant. In the cosmetic skin care one should not only experiment and try new products, but also create enduring traditions: for example, undergo detoxication procedures several times a year, taking a complex of skin-lifting procedures etc. Create your own beauty scenario…
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