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Beautiful hair guidelines

It’s common knowledge that the way to rapidly change your style, to improve the mood and to follow fashion trends is to pay attention to hairstyle.

It’s common knowledge that the way to rapidly change your style, to improve the mood and to follow fashion trends is to pay attention to hairstyle.

Experiments with haircuts and styling do not always appear to be harmless for the health and the general state of your hair. They represent one of the factors that cause the development of split ends, dull colour, alopecia (severe hair loss) and other haircare problems that most women face. Beyond doubt, these problems occur due various reasons: unsuitable hair cosmetics, aggressive components that such products contain, unfavourable impact of external factors, state of health, etc. The quality of cosmetic products is based on the quality of the ingredients they contain. By choosing natural cosmetics containing organic oils and extracts you are sure to obtain high-quality and safe products intended to preserve your beauty.

Let us have a look at the key haircare steps.

1. Cleaning.

Pay attention to the ingredients to make sure you choose a shampoo that does not contain such harmful components as SLS, SLES (responsible for cleaning), parabens (PEG, aggressive preservatives and emulsifiers) and silicon.  A demanding buyer can, if willing, select a shampoo based on soft cleaning agents. You’d better always make sure that you have a scope of different products on your bathroom shelf: try alternating a Delicate Care product and a Damage Repair product, for example.

It is crucial to use a shampoo that is appropriate for your hair type. If you have oily hair, a balanced shampoo will contribute to the normalization of sebaceous glands functions; if you have mixed hair, combine products for different hair types or use a ready recipe such as Karité butter.

A balancing Karité shampoo is a perfect product to normalize scalp hydro-lipid balance.

“Green” (which means natural) new generation cleaning agents help design a shampoo that would be not only good for your hair, but also easy to use: sufficient quantity of foam, high cleaning capacity and no destruction of the natural protective layer of the hair surface.

2. Moistening and Nourishing

In order to maintain hair beautiful and healthy, special balms and hair masks should be used. Some people believe that nothing is better than a home-made product. This is debatable, however: the world around us has changed and new opportunities should not be neglected. By using cosmetic products created by professionals, you will discover new beauty resources. Heating appliances, styling and the lack of vitamins directly affect our hair. That is why such express hair-care measures as applying a balm or a mask after you have washed your hair can help maintain it in good condition and prepare it for further styling. The Moistening and Nourishing step is important for all hair types. Despite the pre-conception that exists, oily hair also requires the use of special nourishing hair products.

Nourishing and Moistening Mask

3. Deep repair

In spring and autumn, after a drastic image change, and also for a number of other reasons, hair needs more intense care. The following products could be used: oils, long-application hair masks, serums or hair fluids. In order to select the ideal haircare product for your curls, have a look at the description of each product in the following express hair repair guide.

A serum is a liquid substance (that looks like a low-fat-texture lotion). It contains maximum levels of beneficial active agents that help quickly restore damaged hair and “wake up” hair follicles so that they don’t stay inactive.

When should it be applied?

After washing

How often?

Depending on the state of the hair; the course should last no less than 1 month.

Hair oils have been developed by professionals, they contain various types of oils, many of which are rare and not available in retail commerce, that is why reproducing the recipe at home is sometimes not possible.

Hair oils

When should they be applied?

Before washing

How often?

Depending on the needs of the hair, preferably several times a month.

Masks. If you are pressed for time, the mask can be applied only for 2 minutes, thus it will act as a conditioning balm. If you have enough time, apply the mask for 7 minutes, this time will be enough for the active ingredients to have maximum positive effect on your hair.

Hair masks

When should they be applied?

Immediately after washing, on wet hair

How often?

Depending on the needs of the hair, preferably 1-2 times a week.

Hair fluid is a product for active haircare. It contains valuable oils in simplified form, so that it does not make hair heavy, helps resolve the problem of static electricity in the hair, and makes your hair more “obedient” during styling. Hair fluids contribute to fast restauration of split or damaged ends.

Hair fluid

When should it be applied?

Before or during styling

How often?

When the need arises

4. Hair growth activation

Hair growth can be activated by styling using a massage comb with a bit of hair oil, or through using a hair serum or a special mask. Keep in mind that serums and oils help improve microcirculation, activate metabolism, make scalp healthier and “wake up” hair follicles. The mask ensures active care for your hair starting from its mid-length.

Serums for hair growth improvement

5. Styling

Use products for easy and natural styling for your hair to be kept healthy and to look cared for, whatever the circumstances. This is especially relevant for women who often use a hair-dryer, do thermal hairstyling and hair straightening.

Tip: If your “beauty arsenal” does not include complex hairdos or styling, but your hair reacts badly to the change of seasons (it becomes dry or on the contrary, it quickly gets greasy because sebaceous glands are working actively, or it looks lifeless), use a Heat protectant hair product.

Hair styling products with protective action.

And always do your best to look irresistible! 

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